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Plant Extra Parsley Next Spring

Last week I found some late stage, or instar, Black Swallowtail caterpillars on my parsley plants. I couldn’t believe that I missed seeing them earlier. If you have sunny, meadow-like areas nearby, as well as gardens with flowering perennials, there a good chance you’ll see them, as these are the larvae of the most commonContinue reading “Plant Extra Parsley Next Spring”

Oaks Are Mighty

Planting an oak tree in your yard can do more for wildlife than a perennial border of native plants. Oaks are a keystone species. They profoundly influence other species in our forests. North American oaks provide food and shelter for more species than any other tree group and form the backbone of many different forestContinue reading “Oaks Are Mighty”

Recalling Charlotte

Malevolent, scheming, horrid, wretched, malignant, hideous, and nasty. When you google words for spiders, these are what come up. Spiders need a good PR firm. I find the distain for spiders interesting, given that one of the most beloved children’s books of the past two generations is E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web. This could be aContinue reading “Recalling Charlotte”

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